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I have known Christine for over 25 years—first as the best Beautician in Baltimore to my family (mother, sisters, daughter) and then as the best travel agent. Many years ago, Christine started organizing short local trips (ski trips, weekend getaways in Pennsylvania, etc.), and I begin traveling with her at that time. She then branched out and planned longer trips to places of interest that many wanted to see, but did not know how to plan—where to stay; where to go, etc.


Prior to traveling with Christine, my husband and I traveled frequently (due to his job). We have traveled quite a lot both for work and pleasure. Christine excels in attention to detail. Most of the trips are all-inclusive packages (flight/bus, hotel, meals, transfers, etc.); the hotels are very neat, clean, well-decorated and reasonably priced, and in great locations (convenient to shopping or area amenities). She is able to offer great pricing—group rates. She is attentive to the needs of her clientele and checks on them during the trips. She keeps the trips interesting and exciting. Did I mention that she serves a meal on the bus, while we are in route?


For example, In October 2012, a group traveled with Christine to Italy. It was a long flight to Paris and then we transferred flights to get to Spain. She took care of everything—all we did was sit back and relax. Awesome is the only way to describe it. We went on a week-long bus trip to Memphis and Mississippi. Each night we ate dinner at a different restaurant. Again, great attention was given to every detail.


Christine has built up a clientele over the years and many of us have gotten to know each other through our travel with her. In short, I don’t plan any travel with anyone else. I highly recommend Christine to all of my friends, family and associates.



Gloria T. Byrd


My husband and I have utilized Travel With Design for our vacation experiences for several years. Christine White is our personal travel agent., she provides excellent travel service on bus trips, flying to Las Vegas as well as other destinations. I believe her greatest service is cruising. We have cruised to Canada, Mexican Riviera, Bahamas and Alaska. Christine leaves no stones unturned. She makes sure that all fees are included in your travel package so that there are no surprises after booking or final payment of your trip. She provides personalized travel acquaintance gatherings to meet and greet those who you are traveling with. In addition she provides good customer service, speaking directly to you rather then a call center. Christine utilizes her experiences to transform your specific needs into maximum value in your travel investment. I could go on and on , but look no further, Travel With Design is the best travel agency ever.


 Rochelle Barksdale


I have gone on several trips sponsored by my Travel Agent, Christine White. She is very knowledgeable and helpful in suggesting sites to see upon arrival at our different destinations. She also offers a very helpful checklist to assist you in packing and her meet and greet for group travel is excellent, so you can meet those traveling in your group that you do not know. The 12-day cruise to the Mediterranean was absolutely Awesome. Another great trip was the Alaskan cruise. I love cruises and have not been disappointed on any of the trips so far Before traveling with Mrs. White my travel experience was somewhat limited. I have now been able to experience land as well as sea travel. Christine White is not only my travel agent, she is also my friend. She is Awesome at both. So for all of your upcoming travel plans, Christine White @ Travel With Design it's “The Best.”

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